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Tom Garretson:




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Rewards for buying me things (nothing sexual or nudity). you choose ^^:

-Private photos

-Private videos


Latex Hoods & Extras

hwdesignshop - pony hood

latexnemesis - Latex Pigtails hood with trim

latexnemesis - Pigtails hood

latexnemesis - Condom mouth bondage hood

latexnemesis - open face hood

latexnemesis - ring gag attachment

latexnemesis - normal gag panel attachment

latexnemesis - inflatable gag attachment

latexnemesis - gag/blindfold adapter

latexcatfish - bondage Hood

latexcatfish - big cat ears hood


Latex dresses

latexcatfish - gothic gown with corset

latexcatfish - polkadot rockabilly dress

latexcatfish - short punk dress

latexcatfish - long evening gown

libidex - red riding hood

latexcatfish - schoolgirl lolita

libidex - sweetheart peplum dress

libidex - lucretia gown

latexcatfish - cherry halter dress

latexcatfish - long simple gown

latexcatfish - brides gown

latexcatfish - lolita dress with ruffles

latexcatfish - Dedicated Discipline

latexcatfish - X-mas dress


Latex Skirt/pants

Ectomorph - Big gothic skirt

latexcatfish - tinkerbell

latexcatfish - goddess

latexcatfish - frills

libidex - high waist suspender shorts

libidex - capri pants

latexcatfish - floor length skirt

latexcatfish - calf length skirt

libidex - mini peplum skirt with bow

libidex - long bloomers

cathouseclothing - long tail skater skirt

cathouseclothing - peplum skirt/belt

cathouseclothing - flower short bustle

houseofharlot - short victorian skirt

innersanctumonline - retro circle skirt

houseofharlot - front lace leggings

houseofharlot - side lace leggings


Latex Cosplay/Fantasy

latexcatfish - Megurine Luka (Vocaloid)

latexcatfish - Makinami Mari (evangelion)

latexcatfish - Ryuko (Kill la kill)

latexcatfish - Spider Gwen

latexcatfish - Star Trek dress

latexcatfish - spider catsuit

latexcatfish - schoolgirl uniform

cathouseclothing - long sleeve maid dress

honour - short sleeve maid dress

libidex - long sleeve lolita maid dress

latexcatfish - nun dress

catalystlatex - Harley Quinn, Daddy's little monster


Latex Corsets/Belts

westwardbound - overbust Cherry corset

hwdesignshop - underbust bondage corset

Latexcatfish - Buckled overbust corset top

latexcatfish - underbust corset with lace

libidex - corset belt

cathouseclothing - chain and spike corset belt

hwdesignshop - vampire neck corset

cathouseclothing - spiked suspender belt

signaturelatex - peplum bow belt

catalystlatex - latex bow belt


Latex tops/jackets

latexcatfish - Victorian Shirt

latexcatfish - pin-up top

latexcatfish - retro halter top

latexcatfish - longsleeve sweater

latexcatfish - pajamas top

latexcatfish - gothic corset-look top

latexcatfish - spiked biker jacket

latexcatfish - kitty paw top

latexcatfish - short sleeve bolero

libidex - simple long sleeve bolero

latexcatfish - spiked coat

latexcatfish - jacket with buckles

latexcatfish - Governess blouse

libidex - governess bolero

cathouseclothing - spider halter top

cathouseclothing - governess keyhole blouse

cathouseclothing - open shoulder, keyhole top

innersanctumonline - short sleeve victorian top


Latex Leotard

libidex - double keyhole leotard

latexcatfish - cyborg leotard with separated stockings


Latex catsuits

latexcatfish - standard "cheap" catsuit

simon-o - neck entry catsuit with cleavage

latexcatfish - capri halter suit

latexcatfish - Cyborgastic

latexcatfish - poison ivy suit


Latex gloves & stockings

latexcatfish - fingerless gloves

libidex - suspension leggings

libidex - military stockings

libidex - frilled knee-high stockings with bow

latexcatfish - frilled knee-high stockings

latexcatfish - short toe socks

latexcatfish - "little girl" stockings

latexcatfish - paw print gauntlets

latexcatfish - gauntlets with frills


Latex Lingerie/Accessories

cathouseclothing - ponyplay hotpants

signaturelatex - inflatable kitten tail

houseofharlot - latex top hat


Rubber bondage/ Inflatables

hwdesignshop - upper body+head rubber bondage set

hwdesignshop - neck+upper body bondage set

demask - cover-all top with d-rings

rubberevashop - Giant inflatable hood

latexcatfish - vacbed

latexcatfish - vac cube


Toys/BDSM Gear 

extremerestraints - grease gun (for medical play shoots)

fetishtoybox - forced orgasm belt

extremerestraints - leather cord flogger

lovehoney - hot wax candles

extremerestraints - Punishing/Spanking bench

lovehoney - leather ankle cuffs

lovehoney - leather wrist cuffs


Bdsm/Dungeon furnitures

eviltoys - X-cross

eviltoys - steel cage

eviltoys - metal bondage cage

eviltoys - bondage table with chairs



kinkyangel - gloves

artificeclothing - layered victorian skirt

etsy - big spiked hairbow

artificeclothing - 4-way detachable catsuit

artificeclothing - sailor schoolgirl top

artificeclothing - ruffled lolita skirt


Zentai, Spandex

zentaizone - Silver mermaid

zentaizone - shiny metallic pink zentai

zentaizone - metallic purple zentai

zentaizone - shiny black zentai

zentaizone - black suit

zentaizone - leopard suit with ears and tail

zentaizone - black/red spider gwen

zentaizone - spider gwen

zentaizone - D.VA

zentaizone - Samus



fantasmagoria - chest harness

steampunkgoggles - goggles with purple lenses and loupe



lolitashow - skeleton nylon stockings

pyramidcollection - black velvet cape

fetshop - strappy wetlook leggings



lolitashow - Sweet lolita flower dress

lolitashow - Sweet lolita blue flower dress

lolitashow - Cupcake print skirt

lolitashow - White ruffled outfit

fanplusfriend - long magic-themed skirt



sinistersoles - Platform Mary jane with lacing

sinistersoles - black + red Studded platform sandals

sinistersoles - Calf strap platform boots

sinistersoles - sexy spiked knee boots

lolitashow - light pink lolita shoes


TOP 10 LATEX (price is without shipping)

latexcatfish - vacbed 175$

latexcatfish - long sleeve shirt 59$

latexnemesis - open face hood 99$

latexcatfish - ageplay pajamas (just the top) 45$

latexcatfish - lolita dress with ruffles 168$

latexcatfish - goth dress (without corset) 130$

rubberevashop - giant inflatable ball hood 222$

libidex - sweetheart peplum dress 144$

latexcatfish - floor-length skirt 108$

10 latexcatfish - tinkerbell skirt 78$